You can easily transfer files from one iPhone to another using Erica Sadun's SendFile application. The SendFile application must be installed on both iPhone's.

Step One
Follow our tutorial to install SendFile until Step Fourteen on the iPhone sending a file.

Step Two
Follow our tutorial to install SendFile until Step Eight on the iPhone receiving the file.

Step Three
At this point we have SendFile installed on both iPhones and we have moved a file into /var/root/Media/Documents on the sending iPhone. Launch SendFile on both iPhones by pressing the Send File icon on the SpringBoard.

Step Four
On the sending iPhone press the filename you would like to send.

Step Five
Then press the large Share File button that appears.

Step Six
You will notice the file you selected turns green to show its sending.

Step Seven
On the receiving iPhone press the Scan button at the top left of the screen.

Step Eight
The iPhone will now go out and find the file and download it. It will appear in the list of files.

Thats it you should now have the file on your receiving iPhone.


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