What the iphone doesnt do

So now we have our iPhones. And some things are incredible on it, while other things are downright disappointing. I've started this page to list all the gripes and things we wish we could change... feel free to edit it as you will and add your own gripes!

Please, don't fill this with stuff you ALREADY KNEW before you bought it, like no Flash support, no MMS, etc - you had ample time to find that out before it was sold, none of us really care if you're mad about that after it was made painfully clear already.

Updated to remove the new 2.0 firmware features.


Mail has to be my biggest let-down with the iPhone. I was REALLY looking forward to being able to effectively manage my Mail while on the go, and am disappointed to find I'm not able to. *sigh*, give me a firmware update, Steve.

- No Universal Inbox
I have 11 accounts which I use regularly. Different ones for different sites I own, work, home, etc. Does Apple really think I want to go in and out of 11 different inboxes to view 14 messages? I mean, come on...
- View Unread
In my Mail in OS X, I have a Smart Mailbox set up to view just the unread messages. With the iPhone, I have to scroll through dozens of messages to find the ones with the blue dot by them...
- Initial Sync
When I initially Synced my iPhone with my Mail, it downloaded thousands of my messages. Unfortunately, it did not keep ANY of my Read/Unread status on those. And, since I had no way of mass deleting or mass moving, or marking all as read - I wound up viewing a thousand messages to make them show as Read. Yah, that was good, clean iFun.
- G-Mail
Even though Apple has GMail listed as one of its supported 3rd party mail providers (even going so far as including their graphic when you try and set up a new account in Mail from the iPhone), GMail has issues. Every one of my Sent messages is showing up in my Inbox.

Edit This can be fixed by going into mail settings, clicking on the account in question, going into advanced, then turning "Use recent mode" off.

If you set up Gmail as a POP account rather than going through the icon provided, it solves this sent message problem
- Junk
Some of my accounts get a lot of Junk mail. The iPhone doesn't let me mark stuff as Junk... lame.
- Mark Read
No contextual menus means the only way to mark these as read is to open every single message I get.
- Email Attachments
There are loads of attachments that you just can't open! e.g. A simple text file created in notepad (MS) opens fine, but if you rename it to .log, it won't open! :-/


- Day View
I was expecting when viewing in Day View to simply be able to flick to either side to move between days, in the same way as you can in the iPod, Pictures, and most other interfaces in the iPhone.


- Voice Dialing
Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth $600 phone... no voice dialing?

- One-push speed dialing There is no equivalent of the push-and-hold speed dialing that exist on most other phones. Instead, the iPhone Favorites list gives you a quick(ish) access to the most frequently dialed numbers.

- Bluetooth DUN ProfileUnlike nearly every other Bluetooth enabled cell phone, the iPhone will not share its internet connection with other devices (e.g. a laptop). In fact, out of roughly 25 common Bluetooth profiles for cell phones, the iPhone only supports two (see: iPhone's Bluetooth is dumb, purposely crippled or both? http://store.myitablet.com/content/index.htm ). This is a limitation of the firmware/OS, not the hardware.

There have been reports of people sharing their iPhone internet connection via a SOCKS or HTTP proxy over an ad-hoc WiFi network; this requires running SSH and/or "srelay", manual IP address configuration, etc; see: Tether your iPhone: EDGE internet on your laptop.http://cre.ations.net/blog/post/tether-your-iphone

- 3G The iPhone communicates with your cellular carrier solely via a GSM radio; there is no W-CDMA chipset to support 3G (UMTS, HSDPA) networking. Steve has said this may change in late 2008, once less power-hungry W-CDMA chipsets are available. By then, Sprint will have deployed a WiMax 4G network in various locations, and started selling a WiMax-enabled Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.http://linuxdevices.com/news/NS8069179684.html

If you talk on the phone for more than 2 minutes without using the headset, you feel a lot of heat on your ear and a burning feeling, while browsing Safari or just playing around, I feel the phone is hot in my hands.

"'Bluetooth Auto-Connect'" I dumped my Palm Treo when the iPhone came out, and alas the love affair has been VERY BRIEF!! I am a busy medical practitioner and found the auto-answer feature of the Treo fantastic, so i could continue whatever i was doing without ungloving, answering the phone, hanging up the phone, washing my hands, re-gloving, get the idea? I wish there was an auto-answer app or feature of the iPhone!!! BTW i won't dump the iPhone when i get my new Palm Whatever, i will still keep it for the "WOW" factor! DDWl


- Text Selection
Why can't you select just a specific bit of the text? I'm on ModMyiPhone.com/index.php?thread=456, I want to go to ModMyiPhone.com/Apps. Why do I need to delete 20 letters to type 4? It'd make way more sense to highlight the index.php part and just write apps.
- Saving Images/Files
We have a gallery here of iPhone wallpapers. I browse to it on the iPhone. I find my image I want. And then I... wait, I can't download it? I can't choose to set it as wallpaper? I have to go to my Mac, browse to the URL again, download the photo, purchase and install iLife, import the photo into iPhoto, set it to sync with the iPhone, open up iTunes, hit sync, then browse to it on my iPhone and set as wallpaper? Hmm.
- Flash
Seriously? No Flash support? I can't live off YouTube videos. Even when using YouTube, I cant save the clip on the phone.


- Quality
Overall camera quality is lame. If there is ANY movement at all during the shot you get a blurry image, and the general quality is just mediocre.
- Options
There are none. Where's my Zoom? Exposure? Maybe save a few in not full res?
- Video
Doesn't shoot video.

General Usage

- No Contextual Menus
Where are they? You'd think holding your finger on an item for a couple seconds would bring up a contextual menu with items like Delete, Copy, Move, etc depending on what you had selected. But nope, not the case. A little limited. These menus are also not available via a button anywhere - they just aren't there. Which brings me to...
- Copy/Paste
The phone lacks copy and paste functionality.
- File Management
There is no way to save files which are attachments in your Mail, nor from Safari. A Documents folder wouldn't be too bad, Apple...

Cannot Text message a Photo, Important? not really but quite handy, I've used in the past w/ the RAZR
Edit: Can be done the hard way be emailing it to the phone#@recipient's-carriers-specific-mms-address.com
- Contacts
No way to input standard DTMF commands as part of the phone number. e.g. pause (p) and wait (w) commands.


Can't forward the SMS.
Can't send phone numbers via SMS text message.
When receiving phone numbers/contacts, e.g. VCARD, I can't save them to contacts.
Crashes if receives alphanumeric SMS sender.
Can't click on MMS notification to go to Safari to view.


- Gettin' Hot
When I first got it, it was getting hot a LOT. Seems to have calmed down now, hopefully it was just an initial thing. EDIT: nope, still doing it.

Bluetooth Stereo Headsets: Bluetooth stereo headsets work perfectly well when you are on a call. But due to a redundant bluetooth stack, you can not stream your music. what good is bluetooth then? you are not calling people all the time, but you are listening to music all the time.


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