Quick Pwn GUI Guide

For those of you that like quickpwn but want a GUI, there is one now. Here is a guide on how to use it. Note for now this is only for 2.0.1 firmware. Before getting started, understand who this is for.

Who should use this tool? This is for those that are not planning to restore. It’s not clear what the activation state is after the process therefore, I only recommend this for those that have a contract carrier or an unlocked phone already. This is also perfect for those that pwned and did not install Cydia as it will result in Cydia being installed. If you are on a 2g and need to unlock, you can do so with bootneuter, but this will not activate for you. If you are on a stock device and using AT&T or a contract carrier, this is the perfect jailbreak for you. You will not lose your contacts or have to do any backups. Finally, if you are going to restore anyway, especially if you need to unlock a 2g, you may as well use winpwn or such.

Step 1: Download quickpwn and quickpwn gui. Extract them in the same folder. For this guide, we will use c:\quickpwn.

Step 2: Load iTunes and make sure it sees your phone. Leave iTunes running and do not touch it again.

Step 3: Download the proper firmware image such as 2.0.1 3g or 2.0.1 2g. Save this image in the same folder with the quickpwn.exe file. For our example we will use c:\quickpwn. Your folder should now look like this:

Step 4: Launch quickpwn GUI.

Step 5: Select your device and hit the arrow at the bottom of the window.

Step 6: Click Browse

Get to your c:\quickpwn folder and select your firmware.

It should show you this when you are done:

Click the Blue arrow

Step 7: At the next screen, you are prompted to choose Cydia and Installer. Both are selected by default. You must select Cydia or your jailbreak will be useless. Installer is not a replacement for Cydia, is not ready, and has almost no packages. In addition, there is still a huge buglist in installer. In short, choose Cydia. This shouldn’t even be a choice. Select Cydia. Select installer if you want to but don’t forget Cydia.

Step 8: Click “Go”

Step 9: Wait. You will see some stuff go by on the screen:

Then you will be prompted to turn off your phone and press enter when you have done so:

Step 10) As it says on screen, turn off your phone by holding power, sliding to power off, and waiting for it to power off. Do not take the phone off the pc connection! If you do, you must start over.

Note: If you are being asked “Is your iPhone/iPod connected to your computer via USB” it is because you did not load iTunes and let it see your phone before starting. At this point it’s too late and you must start start back at step 8.

Step 11) In this next step we need to get our phone into DFU mode so it can be pwned. If you have any problems following the onscreen instructions, then refer to this DFU guide. The program will help you through the steps but it often takes multiple attempts to get into DFU mode. And, if you fail to get into DFU mode, the app quits and you must start over at step 8.

Therefore, I recommend that you get into DFU mode before hitting ENTER. Read the DFU guide link and press enter when you are in DFU mode. Then ignore the directions on the screen until it recognizes your phone is in DFU mode. When you are in DFU mode, the app should automatically take over and you will see this:

Wait a bit for the process to finish, and congratulations! You are done.

Step 12) Optional 2g phone only. If you need to unlock your phone, install bootneuter from Cydia and run it! Select “neuter, unlock, do not change bootloader settings, and then flash!”.


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