JAILBREAK 2.0.2 using QuickPwn! | QuickPwn: Tutorial and FAQ


Now Jailbreak 2.0.2 as well! See Below!

(Thanks to BigBoss for photos/instructions - I will update this as things change!)

WINDOWS only (Mac version coming)

QuickPwn is a command line based method for jailbreaking ONLY both the original and 3G iPhone as well as iPod Touch.

There is a basic GUI version now available - see below for more!

You do not need to do this if you already have a working, pwned 2.0.1 device.

This should eliminate many of those 160x errors many windows users are experiencing.

Who should use this tool?

This is for those that are not planning to restore. It’s not clear what the activation state is after the process therefore, I only recommend this for those that have a contract carrier or an unlocked phone already. This is also perfect for those that pwned and did not install Cydia as it will result in Cydia being installed. If you are on a 2g and need to unlock, you can do so with bootneuter, but this will not activate for you. If you are on a stock device and using AT&T or a contract carrier, this is the perfect jailbreak for you. You will not lose your contacts or have to do any backups. Finally, if you are going to restore anyway, especially if you need to unlock a 2g, you may as well use winpwn or pwnagetool.

Here are the steps to using the tool:

1) Download the tool http://xs1.iphwn.org/releases/QuickPwn.zip and extract it to a folder such as c:\quickpwn.

2) Download the proper firmware image such as 2.0.1 3G or 2.0.1 2G. Save this image in the same folder with the quickpwn.exe file. For our example we will use c:\quickpwn. Your folder should now look like this:

3) While the command prompt will say “kill all itunes processes”, you must ignore this step. In fact, before you get started start iTunes and make sure your phone is recognized by it. Now, leave iTunes running but don’t touch it again.

4) Hook your phone up to your PC and double click either “iPhone 2G.bat”, “iPod touch.bat”, or “iPhone 3g.bat” depending on which device you have.

5) You will see some stuff go by the screen like this:
Then you will be prompted to turn off your phone and press enter when you have done so:

6) As it says on screen, turn off your phone by holding power, sliding to power off, and waiting for it to power off. Do not take the phone off the pc connection! If you do, you must start over.

7) In this next step we need to get our phone into DFU mode so it can be pwned. If you have any problems following the onscreen instructions, then refer to this DFU guide. The program will help you through the steps but it often takes multiple attempts to get into DFU mode. And, if you fail to get into DFU mode, the app quits and you must start over.

Therefore, I recommend that you get into DFU mode before hitting ENTER. Read the DFU guide link and press enter when you are in DFU mode. Then ignore the directions on the screen until it recognizes your phone is in DFU mode. When you are in DFU mode, the app should automatically take over and you will see this:

Wait a bit for the process to finish, and congratulations! You are done.

The command line interface takes 5 minutes approx. before it is ready to interact with your iphone/ipod and it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to jailbreak.

It may be quicked than this - but be patient. When the command line part is finished the iPhone will show a spinning circle as it is still being jailbreaked.

Wait for the phone to reboot to the home screen before touching it!

8) Optional 2g phone only. If you need to unlock your phone, install bootneuter from Cydia and run it! Select “neuter, unlock, do not change bootloader settings, and then flash!”.


1) If during the process you did not kill iTunes you will see these questions:

Is your device connected to your computer via USB? Type “Y” to continue.
Is your iPhone currently powering on? Type “Y” to continue.

If you see these questions it means that your phone is not being recognized by the PC. Remember you must have iTunes running and it must see your device. If you have to, close and reopen iTunes, disconnect and reconnect your device, or even reboot your PC. You should not see the above two message as part of the process.

2) When you turn on your iPhone, it does not have any display. Man, is it bricked?

This is probably caused by using an invalid boot image (logo.png) in the process. If you wait long enough the thing should boot up to springboard normally. In this state, you do not have any logo showing you the device is booting. You can fix it by repeating the process with a valid png file.

How to keep Apple Boot Logos with QuickPwn!

Is there a simple method available?

There is GUI version now available.

Download at : http://xs1.iphwn.org/releases/QuickPwnGUI.zip

It allows you to add Installer and select the IPSW using a browse function but when it runs it still using the same command line interface.

It does let you add installer as well - which the command line version doesn't.


If you want to keep the Apple original logos you can do this.

Open up the quickpwn folder.

Right click on the version of iphone or ipod you want to jailbreak and click EDIT.

The file will open up in notepad!

If you look down you will see a line that says: (below using iPod as example but with iPhone it is exactly the same!)

quickpwn "iPod1,1_2.0.1_5B108_Restore.ipsw" n45ap -b logo.png -r recovery.png Cydia.tar.gz

Just delete the -b logo.png -r recovery.png

So it will look like this:

quickpwn "iPod1,1_2.0.1_5B108_Restore.ipsw" n45ap Cydia.tar.gz

Then the phone will jailbreak and have the original apple boot and recovery logos.

You can also re-run it on an already quickpwned phone/ipod and it will simply change the boot images and nothing else.

You can also use this with already pwned phones but the command line version does NOT include installer.


How to jailbreak firmware 2.0.2 using QuickPwn!


Your phone MUST already be activated.

It will NOT unlock either phone versions although some people have said that the iPhone 2G does not get its modem updated - this is unconfirmed at this time.

iPhone 3G Modem IS UPDATED. If you want to unlock it DO NOT update it or you may make it not possible in the future.

Official unlocked 3G phones can update and jailbreak using quickpwn and keep the unlock.

How To Jailbreak 2.0.2

You update in itunes to 2.0.2 by connecting iPhone and clicking on "update"

Then use quickpwn with firmware 2.0.1 to jailbreak your 2.0.2 firmware phone.

The process is the same as above - copy firmware 2.0.1 to quickpwn folder.

Run QuickPwn and follow instructions whilst your 2.0.2 phone is connected.

You will end up with Cydia on the phone (no installer).

You will end up with pwnage custom logos on boot (unless you edit the batch file to remove them as shown above).

The GUI version also works and will add installer and cydia but you will end up with custom boot images as the GUI does not allow editing to remove them!

Installer can be added by adding SSH to the phone and copying installer to the phone and changing the permission files.

Link Fw 2.0.1(3G):
http://appldnld.apple.com. edgesuite.net/content.info.apple.com/iPhone/061-5134.20080729.Q2W3E/iPhone1,2_2.0.1_5B108_ Restore.ipsw

Link Fw 2.0.1(2G):
http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.info.apple.com/iPhone/061-5135.20080729.Vfgtr/iPhone1,1_2.0.1_5B108_ Restore.ipsw

QuickPwn will be updated to work on Mac soon - and with options to add and remove different fuctions so be patient if these options do not suit your needs!


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