New - iPhone Backup App Lets You Do It All From a Windows PC

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There’s a new backup option available for the iPhone - and it’s a good one. iPranks Backup Utility (not keen on the name at all, but there ya go) let’s you do all of your backing up and restoring straight from a Windows PC.

You only need to install the program on a Windows machine (not sure if there any plans for a Mac version), nothing needs to be installed on the iPhone itself. Setup triggered some virus alerts (false alarms) for me, so you may need to disable your AV scanner while installing iPranks Backup Utility.

Once installed, the program is pretty straightforward to use, although there are a few little tricks to make it cooperate fully at the outset. Here’s a little run-through:

When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to confirm your firmware version, IP address of the iPhone, and root password:


You can confirm your firmware version on the iPhone under Settings > General > About > Version; and your IP address under Settings > WiFi and tapping on the blue arrow to the right of the name of the network you are connected to.

Next the app will ask whether you are wanting to Backup or Restore at this time - and you just make whichever choice is appropriate.

On the screen that follows, you choose which items to backup or restore:


As you can see in the screencap above, there is a fairly extensive range of items that can be backed up - from common ones like the Notes database, cookies, and Webclips to some big ones that are very nice to see, like Summerboard themes, Installer caches, and Poof and Hidden apps.

The program is quite good in providing special guidance and warnings when you backup Summerboard and media (music).

Here are a few little workarounds to help get the app running smoothly:

Always launch it directly from this location:

\Program Files\iPranks Backup Utility\iPranks Backup v1.2.exe

Or ensure that you create a shortcut to that to launch it from.

Always use the ‘Test Settings’ button once you have provided your firmware version, IP address password, and wait for a confirmation message (shown below) on the iPhone that all is good to continue before proceeding -as this should avoid hangs when running your backup.


It’s also worth setting your iPhone not to auto-lock during a backup or restore process, as this may well hang the process.

I’ve been testing out iPranks Backup Utility a fair bit over the last couple days, and it is now working well. The range of items it is able to backup and restore is impressive, and my testing results are good so far. It did a great job putting back all my Summerboard themes after manually uninstalling all those I had.

It is quite nice being able to do everything backup and restore wise directly from a PC - no need to email yourself a restore file created on the iPhone, or worry about knowing the correct location to copy things back to on a restore - just make your selections and let iPranks Backup do it all for you.

This app is developed by MMi forum member Chris Stroud, and he’s been very helpful during testing of the app.

You can get iPranks Backup Utility directly at:


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