Iphone change carrier text

This guide is outdated. You can now simply drag the new file onto the iPhone using SFTP. See guides at left. We will update this guide soon.


All right, thanks to iphoneinterface and the good ol' devs at #iphone-dev, we now have write access to the iPhone. Yeah! Except... what can we do with it? Well, for one thing, we can change the carrier text, which on the iPhone is actually a .png image.

Here's what we'll wind up with:


Cool. Lets get on with it!

First off, download the iPhone pack http://www.savefile.com/files/888995 and unzip it on your Desktop. If that link goes dead, you can get it here. http://www.modmyiphone.com/files/iPhone.zip If you're proficient with Terminal, you can download it to wherever you want. If not, leave it on the Desktop, so the instructions will be correct.

You should also create your carrier text files now. They are 44x20px .png files, one named Default_CARRIER_ATT.png and one named FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png. Save them to the tools folder in the files you unzipped. If you would like your iPhone to say MMi like mine does in the example, you can skip this step, as I have included those files already in the .zip file.

Open up Terminal. For those of you who don't know, its in Applications>Utilities.


Now, assuming you have already downloaded the iPhone pack and unzipped it, type the following in Terminal: cd ~/Desktop/iPhone/tools/, and hit return.


All right, you should have a new prompt. Here we go... type ./jailbreak and hit return. You've now unlocked the write access to your iPhone! Terminal will tell you it is Looking for iPhone... and Sending Files..., and will then tell you to hold down the power and home button for around 25 seconds, until your iPhone tells you to Please Connect to iTunes.




Once this screen comes up, iTunes on your Mac may open up. If it does, just hide it or minimize and disregard. DO NOT restore or sync from iTunes. Terminal will now say it is Sending More Files... and then Booting iPhone..., then Waiting for iPhone to finish booting..., and once it has rebooted, you'll see a little welcome message in Terminal and a cute little message about how "My Humps" is now set as your ringtone.



All right, thats the first step. Now, lets get iPhone Interface installed and upload those new carrier name images.

Still in Terminal, type ./iphoneinterface and hit return, and you will see some text...


Now type cd System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/ and hit return, being mindful of the slashes and which letters are capitalized. If you're not aware, cd means change directory. You're essentially navigating into the SpringBoard.app folder, which is your "Home page" of your iPhone.


Cool, now we are going to upload the new files. In Terminal, type putfile Default_CARRIER_ATT.png and return, then putfile FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png, and you will now have those files on your phone!

But hold on, before we can get those on your screen, we need to send your iPhone back to "jail" so iTunes will recognize it again. To do so, type cd / and return, and then cd System/Library/Lockdown and return to get to the Lockdown directory.


Now type rmdir Services.plist and hit return to remove the unlocked .plist file.


Type putfile Services.plist and return to put the rejailed .plist back up...


Type quit and return.

Hold the sleep/wake button and home screen button on your iPhone for a few seconds to power it down, then power it back up by holding the sleep/power button again.

Congratulations! You have a new carrier image!


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