[HACK] Spotify Premium IOS9 - Latest Spotify V4.4

This hack works with the latest version of Spotify 4.4 and should continue working for future versions as well. This solution works is by tricking the Spotify app to think that it is running on an iPad instead of an iPhone. By doing this you get everything but offline playback and HQ audio (HQ can be enabled using a flex tweak explained below).

Enabling iPad/Premium features
1. Uninstall any currently installed version of Spotify.
2. Disable any currently enabled FLEX tweaks targeting the Spotify application.
2. Install "Anywhere!" from BigBoss or HERE- It will have Chinese characters in it and almost looks sketchy....it isn't.


3. Install the latest version of Spotify from the app store.
4. Open "Anywhere!--虚拟定位" from home screen.
5. Select Virtual Machine tab at the bottom of the screen.
6. Select "Modify the iPod series models". I know there are 2 options with the same name... its the one right below "Modify the iPhone series models"


7. Select "iPad Air 2" from the list.
8. Select the "Spotify" App from the next list and then click "Done"
9. Launch Spotify and login...if not reboot/respring (if Spotify crashes try using ipad Mini in "Anywhere!"
10 $$

Note: The settings can be verified in "Anywhere!" under Management > Model Management. 


Disabling Ads
Ads can be disabled in the Spotify app with one of the following options:

Option 1: "Minimal Hosts Blocker" (Repo: "arcetera.github.io")
Option 2: "Untrusted Hosts Blocker"(Repo: "repo.thireus.com")

Enabling Extreme Audio
I have found the values in FLEX that allow modification the Spotify prefs file to enable High/Extreme audio. This patch complements the "Anywhere!" workaround and requires FLEX 2 Beta 1.994 (or Higher) for IOS 9 w/ iPhone 6 or 6s.
I have uploaded the tweak to the Server Cracker in FLEX under the name "Spotify: Spotify 4.3.0 Unlock HQ - Knighthawk - Proper". Make sure to use the one with "Proper" in the title. I goofed the other one.


If you do not have the cracked version here are the FLEX values:



Please be aware that when selecting the desired audio setting the pref file is modified and seems to play back properly without any issues. If you revisit the audio settings menu after you make the desired selection the "Automatic" setting will be displayed as the current selection even though the actual HQ setting is still activated. This seems to just be a display issue in the app. If you feel inclined to validate this go to ifile, navigate to /var/mobile/containers/data/application, and perform a "Hiearchy" search for "prefs". The 1st file titled "prefs" in the search will display the proper bitrate based on your selection in text editor

Bitrate values translations - from "prefs" file:
2= Normal quality
3= High quality
4= Extreme


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