First Apple Store in Belgium Will Open in Brussels on September 19th

Apple has announced that the first Apple Store in Belgium will open in Brussels on September 19th. The store will be located on Avenue de la Toison d'Or.

Apple Nieuws Vlaanderen reports that Apple confirmed the store opening in a press release (Google Translate):

I want you to know this morning that Apple, through the unveiling of a creative barricade around the Apple store in Brussels, has announced its first store in Belgium. The Apple Store will open on Saturday 19th September.

The company also commented on the artwork being displayed on the barricade.

Traditionally strips are printed using ink and paper. Due to the advancement of modern technology, his comic artists today allow the day to explore their ideas more easily and freely perform. The role of Apple is the future of creativity to inspire the best tools to encourage new talent and to grow. The Apple Store Brussels puts the creativity. 


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