Apple Considers Return to Ultra-Thin Glass-to-Glass Touch Technology for the iPhone 7?

Apple is considering a return to ultra-thin glass-to-glass touch technology for the iPhone 7, reports DigiTimes. The company is expected to continue using in-cell touch technology for the iPhone 6s.

Samples of fully laminated G/G touchscreens have already been sent to Apple and Corning for review. 

Market observers have recently noted that Apple is in discussions over whether to go back to G/G instead of in-cell technology for future iPhone devices as in-cell technology is currently struggling with various production bottlenecks that are preventing Apple from adding new features as well as increasing resolutions. As a result, touch panel makers are aiming to create G/G touch panels that would allow Apple to create smartphones similar in thickness to current iPhones equipped with in-cell touch panels.

DigiTimes suggests that G/G touch panels would be beneficial in creating a bezel-free smartphone as in-cell touch panels are currently struggling with touch sensitivity on the edges. Additionally, in-cell touch panels are more difficult when pursuing higher resolution Ultra HD (4K) displays due to bottlenecks.

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