iOS 8 Beta Vs iOS 7 – Visual Comparison [Screenshots]

Without further ado, here are a load of screenshots showing off iOS 8 and iOS 7 side-by-side:
(Note: iOS 7.1.1 screenshots on the left, iOS 8 beta on the right)
Home screen
Home Screen
Messages App and Keyboard
Sharing Photos in Messages
Sharing Photos in Messages
Contacts info in Messages
Contact information in Messages
Dismissing notifications
Dismissing Notifications in Notification Center
Spotlight Search
Spotlight Search
Multitasking view
Multitasking pane
Touch ID And Password
Changes in Touch ID and Passcode on iPhone 5s
Notifications on lock screen
Lock Screen notifications and Quick Reply feature
Battery Usage
Battery Usage
Share Sheet
Share Sheet
App Store search
Scrolling in App Store search
Camera UI
Camera App UI
Weather App
Weather App (Note how Apple has ditched Yahoo! Weather for The Weather Channel)
Maps app comparison
Maps App Comparison
App Store top charts
App Store – Top Charts
Today view NC
Today view in Notification Center
Here are more screenshots of different features of iOS 8 beta:
Photo Jun 03, 3 43 14 AM

Photo Jun 03, 3 52 06 AM
Photo Jun 03, 3 53 58 AM
Photo Jun 03, 3 36 42 AM
Photo Jun 03, 3 41 44 AM
And finally, Apple’s Health app:
Photo Jun 03, 6 05 16 AM
Photo Jun 03, 6 05 18 AM

Photo Jun 03, 6 05 21 AM
Photo Jun 03, 6 05 23 AM
Keep one thing strictly in mind: this is beta software from all angles, so the screenshots you see above are destined to see some visual changes as we move closer to the public release period this fall. And secondly, we will keep on updating this post with new screenshots as we spot more changes in the coming days and weeks. We’re certain that there are certain gems littered all over iOS 8 that are waiting to be discovered.
Right now, iOS 8 beta 1 is a developer only affair, and you have to be a registered developer with Apple if you want to get your hands on it and take it for a test spin. But, since this is pre-release software, therefore we wouldn’t recommend using it as your daily driver. It’s best to make sure that iOS 8 is at least 4 betas into its lifecycle before it gets stable enough to be used as your sorta-daily driver.
Overall, the changes made by Apple in iOS 8 are great in many regards. From slight font changes to animation speeds, iOS is well and truly becoming a breeze to use in our day to day lives.
Let’s just hope Apple fixes all of the bugs before making it available to everyone.


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