The Best $3 Note-Taking App For iOS Just Went FREE For A Limited Time! [Download Link]

For those unfamiliar, Notability exemplifies everything good about digital note-taking apps, from its minimalistic interface to its versatile nature, and whether you want to write a story, jot down a shopping list or sketch illustrations, its powerful set of tools has you completely covered.
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It’s nicely tailored for both the iPhone and iPad, and having used it for the past couple of years myself, I only have positive things to say about it. I have downloaded, tested and reviewed dozens of these note apps, and while some have come relatively close, I always wind up running back to the old faithful Notability.
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Before the price dropped down to nothing, it was available at the App Store for $2.99, or £1.99 in the United Kingdom, but for the time being, it is free of charge. As ever, even if you have a preferred note-taker on your home screen, there’s definitely no harm in logging into your Apple account and downloading it while it doesn’t cost a dime, and who knows — you may even find yourself becoming a convert once you check it out.
(Download: Notability for iOS on the App Store)


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