Physical iPhone 6 Mockup vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 [Photos]

Check out these photos of a physical mockup of the iPhone 6 compared to a Samsung Galaxy S5 demo unit, posted by

The photos give us some perspective on how the device would compare to the competition, if it really is based on accurate schematics.

Google Translation:

Thus confirming the design we've seen in the past few days, the iPhone 6 seems slightly smaller than the Galaxy S5 (which measures 142 x 72.5 mm): what appears to be a further confirmation of the size of 4.7-inch display, as Samsung in question is equipped with a display of 5.1 inches. Unlike the South Korean company's smartphone, however, the new iPhone 6 will be a lot thinner side edges and rounded above, which will allow precisely to get your hands on a smaller device but with a larger display. The thickness of the iPhone 6 is slightly lower when compared to that of the Galaxy (8.1 mm), confirming rumors of a further thinning of the device, which should be often almost as much as the current iPod touch (6.1 mm). 

You might also want to check out this video which shows the physical mockup in more detail.


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