iPhone And iPad Apps Gone Free Today For Bank Holiday 2014 [List]

They keep us entertained, consume perhaps more of our time than we’re comfortable with, and generally, are useful to stock up on for when boredom strikes. This bank holiday weekend, several great games have gone free, including:
  • Bleach Jump for iPhone – ($0.99, now FREE)
  • Minigore for iPhone – ($1.99, now FREE)
  • Slingshot Sheep for iOS – ($0.99, now FREE)
  • Tiny Gunner for iOS – ($0.99, now FREE)
  • Pocket Knights for iOS – ($7.99, now FREE)
  • Numbers and Counting Match Game for iOS – ($3.99, now FREE)
  • Atomic Frogs for iOS – ($0.99, now FREE)
If you’re all gamed out having just recovered from the widely-suffered Flappy Bird addiction, then you may instead wish to discover some new apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:
  • AutoStitch Twins Camera for iOS – ($1.99, now FREE)
  • Closet Fashions Wardrobe Manager for iPhone – ($1.99, now FREE)
  • DataMan Next : Track Data Usage In Real-Time for iPhone – ($1.99, now FREE)
  • Dual Browser for iPad – ($3.99, now FREE)
  • Lists To-do for iOS – ($0.99, now FREE)
  • My Ultimate Bucket List PRO for iOS – ($0.99, now FREE)
  • Pocketbooth for iOS – ($0.99, now FREE)
  • Printer Pro for iOS – ($1.99, now FREE)
  • RoadCam Oregon for iOS – ($1.99, now FREE)
  • The PewDiePie Soundboard for iOS – ($1.99, FREE)
  • Weight Loss Motivation Hypnosis-Subliminal Guided Meditation By Erick Brown for iPhone – ($2.99, now FREE)
  • WiPoint HD Pro for iPad – ($3.99, now FREE)
Apart from the free apps which we’ve mentioned above, many developers have also discounted their apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for a limited time. And it’s best you get downloading the above apps right away, since the offer is for a limited time only, and they will return to their regular prices fairly soon.


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