iOS Freebies: Paid iPhone And iPad Games Gone Free Today For Limited Time Only! [Download]

Here’s what’s on offer today.
Drawven Den – The Mining Puzzle Game ($1.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)
Dwarven Den
Mining wasn’t something we’d have called fun until someone came along and changed the gaming landscape with a little game called Minecraft. Now, mining is the kind of thing that has crept into all kinds of games, and Dwarven Den is no different.
An isometric puzzler, Dwarven Den sees gamers playing as Jolly, a, well, dwarf. He’s discovered that his ancestors are trapped underground and the only thing a dwarf can do at that point is start digging. Hence the mining.
There are plenty of puzzles to keep gamers entertained along the way, with vast underground mines and plenty of bombs set to keep the fun going for a good while.
Drawven Den is normally $1.99, but right now it’s yours for FREE.
Download it from iTunes here.
Love to Count by Pirate Trio ($3.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)
Love to Count
Games come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not all for the hardcore gamers amongst us. As anyone with a young child will know, there’s no better way to keep them entertained and have them learning at the same time than to let them loose with an iPad. As a result, educational games are a great way to keep the little ones quiet for a while!
Love to Count by Pirate Trio is one such title, and as it’s usually $3.99, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on it. For your entry fee of nothing at all, you’ll get 700 math tasks to keep your offspring entertained, with the app introducing them to counting, adding, subtracting and ordering.
If you’ve got a child that’s between, say, six and eight years old, this is the app for you.
Download it from iTunes here.
Tales from the Dragon Mountain: the Strix ($6.99 – FREE / iPhone)
Tales from Dragon Mountain
Now for something a little more adult. Tales from the Dragon Mountain: the Strix sees gamers help Mina find out about her grandmother Kate after having nightmares about her. Having dreamt about the grandmother’s house being in flames, Nina sets off to investigate. What follows is a journey through 32 unique fantasy locations with puzzles to solve and mythical creatures to meet along the way. Normally priced at $6.99, you can’t go wrong with the temporary price of FREE!
Download it from iTunes here.


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