How To Fix iOS 7 iMessage Delivery Bug

How to disable iMessage on iOS 7
Step 1: Fire up the Settings app on your iOS device.
iOS Screenshot 20140524-220839 03
Step 2: Once you’re in Settings, run through to Messages.
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Step 3: Finally, toggle iMessage off (so the slider is no longer green).
iOS Screenshot 20140524-220811 01
But given how iMessage is wired into the entire Apple product line, you will now have to ensure that your phone number is not connected in any way. There are many different things you can try, as outlined below:
- Remove your phone number from iCloud on your MacBook (if you happen to own one) by navigating through System Preferences > iCloud. Sign in and check that your number isn’t hidden anywhere, particularly in Account Details.
- Call up 1-800-MY-APPLE, and request Apple remove your number from iMessage servers.
- You can also have your iOS-using contacts add and remove your phone number from their phonebooks. This is a little tedious, I grant you, but if you stick to close friends and important colleagues, this isn’t too bad a short-term solution; just so long as they remember to do it. Similarly, you you can also ask that they “Send as Text Message” when communicating with you via the iOS Messages app.
iOS Screenshot 20140524-221250 01
- Given the server refresh period, it makes sense to wait 45 days after removing all trace of your number before jumping ship. This isn’t always possible, of course, but once you’ve hit that 45-day threshold, you should be able to proceed without issue.
- Reset your Apple ID password, and then text STOP to 48369 on your new Android / Windows Phone / whatever device.
And there you have it – those are your steps to getting past the iMessage bug that has plagued so many. You may also wait for the software update as Apple mentioned earlier this week, but if you’re not in the business of missing potentially crucial correspondence, please do try out some of the tips above.√


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