Deutsche Telekom is Allegedly Telling Customers That the iPhone 6 Will Launch on September 19th

Deutsche Telekom is telling customers whose contract is about to expire that the iPhone 6 will launch on September 19th, in hopes of extending their contact, reports

Here's the rough translation:

It has the Call Center to customers whose contract expires approximately with the market launch of the model, to convince, to extend its tariff - but then with an iPhone 6 in the baggage. The talk is of a start date and time of the device to the 19. September 2014 at German Telekom and probably also in the Apple stores.

While the date is probably an educated guess. It does make sense given Apple's past releases. September 19th falls a Friday, the typical day of the week that Apple launches its iPhones. Looking back, the iPhone 5slaunched on Friday, September 20th and the iPhone 5 launched on Friday, September 21st.

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