Business Card Made From iPhone Display Glass [Photo]

An Apple engineer has had business cards made from the iPhone's front display glass, sourced from a Foxconn factory in China. The lettering is laser-etched into the Gorilla Glass.

The engineer hung it on a lanyard around his neck. “Everyone was grabbing it asking him, ‘How the heck did you do that?’” said the card’s creator, who made a batch of 10 for the engineer.

Unfortunately, you can't order one for yourself. CultofMac notes:

Glass cards might look cool, but they are fragile. The iPhone screen’s Gorilla Glass is hardened to resist scratches, but it cracks and shatters easily if flexed. The cards are expensive. The laser-etching was difficult and expensive. It took a long time to get right.

Despite their appeal, the cards are more of a novelty. They cost a lot, they don't fit in a wallet, and they can break. The engineer's friend made them because he often has meetings with Apple staffers. “I use it just to impress Apple people,” said the cardmaker. “They look at it and they immediately want to know what I do.”

“They are just for fun,” he continued. “I wanted something that was truly unique. I wanted to do something no one else has. And because I work in the Apple ecosystem, it makes a lot of sense to have something unique like this. People talk about it.”

Check out the card below...

[via CultofMac]


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