Apple Testing ARM Based iMacs, Mac Minis, and MacBooks?

Apple is reportedly testing ARM based iMacs, Mac minis, and MacBooks for a possible transition of its hardware away from Intel processors, reports MacBidouille.

A 'reliable' contact told MacBidouille that company has made significant progress on developing ARM versions of its hardware and even has what the site calls 'OS XI', the equivalent of OS X for ARM.

Apple is reportedly testing several lines of prototype machines:
● iMac which have 4 or 8 ARM 64 processor with four cores,
● Mac mini which have 4 ARM 64 processor with four cores,
● a portable 13" MacBook with 4 or 8 quad-core ARM 64 processors. 

These machines are reportedly accompanied by a new keyboard that features a larger trackpad. Despite being nearly ready to launch, Apple is said to be hesitant to pull the trigger on such a major change.

Back in 2011, Intel indicated it was worried that Apple may be considering the switch to ARM processors for its future MacBook computers. Apple had told the company that it better drastically slash its power consumption or it would likely lose their business.

How do you feel about a switch to ARM processors? Should Apple stick with Intel? Let us know in the comments.

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