Apple Restricts Retail Employee Vacation Time in September for iPhone 6 Launch?

Apple is reportedly restricting vacation time for German retail store employees in September, according to iFun. It's believed that the vacation blackout coincides with new products, perhaps the iPhone 6.

The employees at the German Apple stores may take no vacation in September apparently. If this information is true (and we have little reason to doubt the reliability of the source), this indicates a launch popular new Apple products this month. Specifically, it would be the iPhone 6, September was already in the last two years, Apple's "iPhone-month", while new iPads usually followed later in the year.

Apple was widely expected to release the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in September; however, a recent report indicated that it may release the 4.7-inch iPhone in August and a 5.5-inch iPhone in September.

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