Apple is Reportedly Negotiating Deals With ISPs for Direction Network Connections

Apple is reportedly negotiating paid interconnection deals with some of the largest ISPs in the U.S. in order to deliver content to its consumers as it moves forward with plans to develop its own content delivery network. 

Apple has been working for years now on its own CDN that would help with performance issues on iCloud. With its own CDN, Apple can bring content delivery in a reliable and quick manner, regardless of the customer's ISP or location. Typically, Apple relies on companies like Akamai and Level 3 to delivery content relating to iTunes, App Store and even software updates.

What Apple is working on aligns with what all of the other big content syndicators out there have already built, which is a considerable amount of their own distributed origin infrastructure, for both large and small objects. Part of Apple’s reasoning for building their own CDN is because of performance issues with iCloud, with Apple wanting to have more control over the end-user experience. Apple already controls the hardware, the OS and the iTunes/App store platforms. Right now Apple controls the entire customer experience, except for the way content is delivered to their devices, so it’s only natural that a company of their size would build out their own CDN.

Other companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Pandora, Yahoo, Ebay, Facebook, and Amazon have all built their own CDN to deliver content.

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