Apple Considers Full Health and Fitness Services Platform Modeled on App Store?

Apple is reportedly considering a full health and fitness services platform modeled on its App Store, according to a Reuters source. The mobile health executive, who asked not to be named, recently sat down with an Apple executive from the iWatch team who allegedly revealed the company has aspirations beyond wearable devices.

Reuters notes that Apple been on a medical tech hiring spree, snapping up numerous executives ahead of a rumored iWatch launch this fall.

Over the past year, Apple has snapped up at least half a dozen prominent experts in biomedicine, according to LinkedIn profile changes. One prominent researcher moved two weeks ago, and Apple is recruiting other medical professionals and hardware experts, although the number of hires is not clear, said two people familiar with the hiring, who declined to be named.

Insiders say Apple's hiring moves suggest the company is planning to monitor everything from blood-sugar levels to nutrition.

iOS 8, Apple's next generation mobile operating system, is said to feature Healthbook, an app for tracking your fitness level and vital signs. Healthbook has cards for Bloodwork, Heart Rate, Hydration, Blood Pressure, Activity, Nutrition, Blood Sugar, Sleep, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation, and Weight. Tapping one of these cards opens it to reveal detailed information. For example, the Activity card shows steps taken, calories burned, and miles walked. 

Apple could unveil Healthbook at WWDC this June or it could wait to unveil the app alongside the iWatch and iPhone 6.

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