NYT: Apple's iPhone 5s Beats Samsung's Galaxy S5 By Just About Every Major Measure

The New York Times recently compared the iPhone 5s to the Galaxy S5 and determined that it beat theGalaxy S5 by 'just about every major measure you'll care about'.

How does the Galaxy S5 compare to the iPhone 5S, Apple’s six-month-old flagship device and the champion to beat?
The answer: Not very well. I’ve been using the new Samsung for about three weeks, and while I do think it is the best Android phone you can buy, it sure isn’t the best phone on the market. By just about every major measure you’ll care about, from speed to design to ease of use to the quality of its apps, Samsung’s phone ranks behind the iPhone, sometimes far behind. If you’re looking for the best phone on the market right now, I’d recommend going with the iPhone 5S.

More details in the full review linked below...

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