Newly Leaked Physical Mockup Reveals Design of the iPhone 6? [Photos]

A physical mockup has surfaced online which allegedly reveals the design of the iPhone 6, complete with rounded edges, a larger display, and a relocated sleep/wake button.

The photos below were found on a Chinese forum by Nowhereelse. They align with purported leaks of late.

Google Translation:

With its curved edges to frame these two buttons for adjusting the volume to the elongated format and its optical image projection accompanied by a circular LED flash , this model shows that overall aesthetic lines and features revealed by multiple technical plans

Just yesterday, a video examined an alleged case for the iPhone 6 revealing that the new smartphone could be as thin as the iPod touch. Similar to this mold, the case revealed that the iPhone 6 would have rounded sides, elongated volume buttons, and a relocated sleep/wake button.

The mold also resembles recent renders of the iPhone 6 and its rear casing that allegedly leaked several days ago. 

iPhone 6 rumors have been surfacing non-stop for the past couple weeks. Earlier today it was reported that the iPhone 6's camera will feature electronic image stabilization rather than optical image stabilization, and a larger pixel size.

Take a look at the photos below...


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