Leaked Photos Show New Battery for the iPhone 6?

Newly leaked photos posted by Nowhereelse allegedly reveal the new battery for the iPhone 6. The batteries do look similar to the current ones used by Apple; however, there are some differences.

In examining these batteries closer, you'll realize that actually has a mysterious metallic elements missing from current models has been integrated alongside the + and - terminals whose positioning has also been slightly modified. A hole was drilled at the end of this new element, I guess it will fix the battery housing of the device.

The battery photos follow the leak of what may be the iPhone 6 front panel earlier today. You can see thathere.

The site suggests the rapid leaks of late may indicate that Apple could release the iPhone 6 in July rather than the expected September date.

In late February, Mizuho Securities analyst Abhey Lamba said checks in Asia and Japan indicate that a July launch is possible but it's still a bit early to be certain. However, Lamba noted that supply chain vendors are getting ready for an earlier production ramp up than prior years. Considering all the leaks of late, this might be possible.

[via Nowhereelse]


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