iH8Sn0w Releases R0bf0rdsn0w iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser?

iH8Sn0w has released r0bf0rdsn0w, allegedly an iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser; however, he has made it nearly impossible for most people to unarchive the release by requiring a complicated serious of steps to figure out the password.

iH8Sn0w announced the release via Twitter:

"Best time to release something legit: April Fools."

"New concept: Release something legit but require drastic things to unlock the file."

Good night.
Whoever grabs the key first gets my heart., 
FTR, you’ll need an A5 (s5l8940x) iBoot exploit to get the password. Let the games begin.
Full instructions are posted on the site."

Here are the full series of instructions to unlock the archive:

How do you get the zip password you're asking? Easy... (no survey bullshit)
● Encrypt the string "r0bf0rdsn0w-r0bf0rdsn0w-r0bf0rdsn0w-r0bf0rdsn0w!!" with the s5l8920x AES GID key.
○ You know you got this right when the IV is... E6A9B03D9670523CFA8849A23A28722E
● Decrypt the outputted IV+Key from the s5l8920x with the s5l8930x AES GID key.
○ You know you got this right when the KEY is... 027132EF9D79AE6CD38E1E2CD3ED9080860EF53ED1CBA6D8395BDBCF541C1E2B
● Finally, decrypt the outputted IV+Key from the s5l8930x with the s5l8940x AES GID key.
○ You know you got this right when the IV starts with 8335BC87 and the KEY starts with 895DA065.
● The password is the final IV+Key from above, 32-bit endian byte flipped.
● Enjoy! :)

There is some sample code on the site linked below to help those trying to figure it out.

While we are aware it is Apple Fools, iH8Sn0w has insisted this is real. 

IsaiahJTurner: @iH8sn0w If that download is anything more than an encrypted joke couldn't Apple decrypt it and patch your exploit?
iH8sn0w: @IsaiahJTurner yeup. So people better crack it fast.
iH8sn0w: @iAdam1n who said its a joke?

Good luck to those making an effort!

iH8Sn0w has posted the first key necessary:

The first key (s5l8920x): e6a9b03d9670523cfa8849a23a28722e3c083980452574871418763c6e0ee2cf6f0a952652791ca74d3206d6e5b15368 #r0bf0rdsn0w


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