How To Supercharge Siri On iPhone – No Jailbreak Required [VIDEO]

So, how is Siri intercepted? Well, all you need to do is tweak your device’s Wi-Fi proxy settings, and after that, GoogolPlex can intercept Siri’s data and the rejuvenated voice assistant is open to learning new stuff. Devised by students Alex Sands, Ajay Patel, Ben Hsu and Gagan Gupta, this isn’t the first hack / trick that has attempted this kind of technique, but the generally seamless, hassle-free manner of operation renders it the best jailbreak-free Siri-enhancer we’ve seen to date.
Here are the instructions on how to set it up:
In case you were worried about privacy and whatnot, you’ll be pleased to learn that none of your commands are stored through GoogolPlex, and even though the infrastructure does, as aforementioned, slow Siri down a little, it’s small opportunity cost to the wealth of new commands you’ll be able to enjoy as a result.
And hey, if you have the nous in coding, you can join in and develop your own GoogolPlex commands. To get started, you’ll need to point your browser over to, and below, you’ll also find a promotional video pieced together by the students of GoogolPlex in action.


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