How To Install New Fonts On iPhone And iPad Without Jailbreaking

Even though we’re using our mobile devices more and more for the purpose of typing letters, documents and other such content, we’re not perhaps as fussy as we should be with regards to the features available at our disposal. Online, there are forums and blogs dedicated to the pastime of locating and installing beautiful new fonts on desktop, but when it comes to devices like the iPhone and iPad, we are, it seems, still reveling in the mere fact that we don’t have to carry a notebook everywhere.
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AnyFont ensures that if you do wish to stylize your document, you’re able to download custom fonts and utilize them, instead of being stuck with the rather limited set of default options. Given the aforementioned closed-off nature of iOS, it’s quite possible that most users assume the installation of fonts in this manner to be out of reach. But in reality, it’s very simple to get up and running with AnyFont, and as well as Apple’s own Pages, a wide range of notey apps are supported.
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If you wish to give AnyFont a try, the App Store link is provided below. As noted above, it costs $1.99, or £1.49 to folks in the United Kingdom.
(Download: AnyFont for iOS on App Store)


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