Fight of the iPhone 6 Concepts [Images]

Designer Martin Hajek has posted new images pitting the 'MacFan' iPhone 6 concept against the 'NoWhereElse' iPhone 6 concept.

After the MacFan concept of the iPhone 6 was leaked Steve Hemmerstoffer of the French blog had some more detailed ‘leaked’ schematics. Based on those schematics we built a really nice concept – you can see more of it by clicking here. Since the ‘MacFan concept’ seems to be more of a iPhone 6′c’ I decided to add some color to it and place it alongside the ‘nowhereelse concept’. You be the judge which one is nicer!

MacFan's schematics were leaked at the end of last month. At least two (12) concepts were designed based on those schematics. 

Hajek has also posted renders of the iPhone 6 based on recently leaked cases. Check those images out here.

You can see the metallic and plastic concepts compared below...

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