CNBC Ranks Steve Jobs as Most Influential Leader of the Past 25 Years

CNBC has released its rankings of the top 25 people who've had the most profound impact on business and finance since 1989. Steve Jobs, Apple's 'iVisionary', was ranked first. Rounding out the top five is Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke & Alan Greenspan, Sergey Brin‚ Larry Page & Eric Schmidt, and Jeff Bezos.

Here's what CNBC had to say about Jobs:

As Bill Gates shaped the experience of using the personal computer that sat on our desks, so Steve Jobs fashioned the experience of using the one we now carry around. Gates redefined the way millions of people work. Jobs redefined the style in which they live and set a new expectation about the embedding of technology in daily life.

His creative genius revolutionized not just his industry and its products, but also everything from music and movies to smartphones. He provided a platform for others to create and distribute apps, bringing innovation and change to an even wider sphere. Apple's co-founder tops our anniversary list of the 25 most transformative leaders, icons and rebels of the past-quarter century. More than any other member of our group of extraordinary entrepreneurs and executives—all outstanding leaders—his vision spurred changes far beyond his industry and put an indelible stamp on the wider culture.

Check out the full list below...

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