Apple Reportedly Sampling 65-Inch OLED Panels From Korean Firm for iTV

Apple is reportedly sampling 65-inch OLED panels from an unnamed Korean firm for the iTV, according to Seoul-based IBK Securities.

The Korea Herald relays a report from analyst Lee Seung-woo who says, “The company is making 65-inch organic light-emitting diode sample panels for Apple’s iTV in collaboration with Apple." However, "it is not certain whether Apple will use it for the mass production of its long-rumored iTV as it is still running tests."

It was expected that Apple would launch the iTV this year; however, it has reportedly delayed the launch until 2015.

“Around 2 million Apple‘s iTVs with 65- and 77-inch liquid crystal displays were expected to hit the market in the second half of this year. However, Apple employees visited this local company in October 2013 to delay the plans to next year,” said a source close to the matter on Saturday. “Following the visit, the display maker’s stock prices plunged.”

The unnamed company will reportedly become Apple's first vendor for the panels as Japan Display and Sharp are not yet capable of mass producing the large OLED display.

Although the release of a television doesn't seem likely this year, Apple is reportedly preparing to launch an updated Apple TV set-top box in the near future.

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