Apple iWatch Could Feature Ultraviolet Light Sensor [Report]

Apple's rumored iWatch could feature an ultraviolet light sensor, according to Barclays’s chip analyst Blayne Curtis.

Barrons relays a report from Curtis which suggests the smart device could feature a new sensor from Silicon Labs.

Silicon Labs recently announced a family of products featuring the industry’s first digital ultraviolet index sensors. These chips measure UV exposure to aid those with elevated risk of sunburn or just a general concern about excessive sun exposure, and we believe they may be of appealing to OEMs looking to differentiate in a crowded market. To that end, while these products have seen little public hype thus far, we believe SLAB has a win in Apple’s upcoming iWatch (late 2H14 or early 2015). Timing of the iWatch seems in flux, but if it comes this year, we estimate it at an opportunity worth $2-4M in revenue ($0.01-0.02 in EPS) in 2H, assuming an ASP of ~$0.40 and 5-10M iWatches.

Previous reports have suggested that the iWatch will use optoelectronics to monitor a wearer's heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It's also said to feature other sensors that would monitor a user's fitness and vital signs. Data from these sensors will reportedly feed into a new Healthbook app for iOS 8.

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