Apple Considers 'Dramatic Overhaul' of iTunes as Music Downloads Decline?

Apple is considering a dramatic overhaul of the iTunes music store due to a sharp decline in music downloads and the failure of iTunes Radio to stem the tide, reports Billboard.

iTunes Radio is only seeing about 1-2% of users clicking the buy button; whereas, music downloads have declined over 15%, say label executives. Services such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and others have been gaining momentum. One executive told Billboard that iTunes' share of revenue has eroded from 70% in 2012 to about 50% today.

As a result, Apple is being forced to consider options that would have been out of the question a few years earlier – an on-demand streaming service, an iTunes store for Google’s Android devices and negotiating download sales windows that favor Apple as first reported by Billboard. 

How Apple should change iTunes is hotly debated. While the company wants a smooth transition, it's also important that it moves quickly, since users are increasingly moving towards streaming.

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