App Deals for today: Download Moves, Infinite Eye, myCal and more for free

We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Moves, Infinite Eye, myCal and more.
Sponsored app:
  • Hopping Plane: An adorably cute and addictive flying game inspired by Flappy Bird for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: Free – Direct iTunes link
Free apps:
  • Infinite Eye ∞:  Get effects like feedback tunnels, blended overlays, rotating kaleidoscopes and visual trails using the Camera on your device: $3.99 → Free
  • Moves: One of the best motion tracking, step counting app that automatically tracks walking, cycling and running: $2.99 → Free
  • continue?9876543210: Play as dead video game character, about to be erased from memory: $3.99 → Free
  • Dietr: Share your favorite music excerpts as Instagram videos: $.99 → Free
  • myCal PRO: A replacement for the built-in iOS Calendar app: $2.99 → Free
  • iDarkroom: A Camera app replacement with filters, textures, adjustment tools and more: $.99 → Free
  • FlowPaper is a Physics based art app with which you can create drawings using “waves” of colors: $.99 → Free
Price drops:
  • XCOM: Enemy UnknownLead XCOM, a paramilitary organisation against aliens: $19.99 → $9.99
  • Tydlig: An advanced calculator with Linked numbers, history, live update of calculations: $4.99 → $1.99
If you like any of these apps, make sure you download them right away, since we don’t know when their prices could go up.


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