47% of Future Buyers Say They'll Purchase a Smartphone With a 5-Inch Display or Larger [Survey]

A new ChangeWave survey found nearly half (47%) of planned smart phone buyers say they’re most interested in buying a 5 inch screen or larger, that's a 7% jump in phablet demand just since December, and the highest level since they began asking the question to respondents.

Samsung is the leader in this space and remains well positioned going forward – with nearly two-in-three planned Samsung buyers (64%; up 6-pts) saying they’re most interested in purchasing a 5” screen or larger device. At the same time, the percentage of non-Samsung buyers interested in purchasing a phablet has risen sharply over the past two surveys (up 13-pts), from 26% in September to 39% in the current survey – a clear sign that the appeal of these devices is not fading.

Apple identified this trend long ago and is expected to finally release iPhones with larger displays this year.

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