Mac OS X Syrah Concept Brings a Flat Look to OS X [Images]

Mac OS X Syrah is a concept by Danny Giebe that brings a flat look to Apple's desktop operating system. It was inspired by the new clean design introduced in the Contacts and Notes apps of OS X Mavericks.

The new Finder represents the new clean design of OS X Syrah. The colors are based on the flat design of Contacts and Notes in Mavericks. The title bars are translucent and support a more clean and iOS'ish design. All icons are following the new flat design approach.

Messenger (Messages):
The new Messenger design is combining the flat Mac OS X and iOS 7 design.

New clean design with reminder support
● Integration of Reminder app to setup reminders on mails
● Integration of Tags
● Automation End-2-End Encryption
● Rules synchronisation across devices

iPhoto for OS X Syrah will support Dark UI with translucent bars and a new photo grid.
● New support for Instagram
● Better face recognition
● Synchronization of your Photo Library with your iDevices

Notification Center:
New iOS 7 based design for the notification center.

Notably, Giebe's concept has partly been realized. A new GitHub project called FinderSyrahUI has brought some of the concept's designs to OS X Finder. Check it out here.

Take a look at the full concept below...

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