Leaked Images Allegedly Show Bezel-Less iPhone 6 Glass

Images have leaked online allegedly showing a bezel-less front glass panel for the iPhone 6, reports Nowhereelse. They briefly appeared on Sina Weibo before being deleted.

Recently, the Korea Herald revealed that Apple was testing a prototype iPhone with a 'bezel-free' display. This would allow Apple to release a larger display, as is widely expected, while minimizing the overall size of the device.

The leaked panel does have a larger display size; however, the Home button is not perfectly centered in vertical direction, making it's authenticity questionable.

Although these images did not visibly touched and their quality is quite acceptable, it would have been quite easy for the author of these photos to scrape the black layer on the glass panel to delineate the borders of the and display, in order to increase the size of fictitiously latter... Besides the fact that the hole in which the back button to home would slip is not perfectly centered in the height direction puzzled me... 

To see what a side bezel-free display would like, check out this iPhone 6 concept.

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