Beautiful Smartwatch Concept Retains the Elegance of a Traditional Timepiece [Images]

Gábor Balogh, a freelance designer from Hungary, has created a beautiful smartwatch concept that retains the elegance of a traditional timepiece. Balogh's concept is based on Triwa's Havana timepiece but with a display replacing the original watchface, notes The Verge.

In an attempt to avoid obfuscation, Balogh's concept doesn't utilize a touchscreen or voice control. Instead, the interface uses the buttons and bezel found on most watches. The bezel is key to this interface. It can rotate to, for example, scroll through a long message or switch functions in an app, or be clicked to make a selection. The rotation element doesn't necessarily need to be physical — Balogh says he could imagine a more classical watch going with a physical dial, or a sporty design opting for an iPod-esque click wheel.

"I like products with discreet technology," says Balogh, "when they serve me, my real needs, and make my life easier rather than simply changing my days."

Below you can see mockups of the analog clock, call interface, heart rate monitor, messages, stop watch, navigation, weather, music, compass, and memos.

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