Apple Releases Whitepaper on iOS Security

Apple has released a whitepaper detailing iOS Security features for various technologies including iMessage and Touch ID.

iOS and iOS devices provide stringent security features, and they’re easy to use. Many of these features are enabled by default, so IT departments don’t need to perform extensive configurations. And key security features like device encryption are not configurable, so users can’t disable them by mistake. Other features, such as Touch ID, enhance the user experience by making it simpler and more intuitive to secure the device.

This document provides details about how security technology and features are implemented within the iOS platform. It will also help organizations combine iOS platform security technology and features with their own policies and procedures to meet their specific security needs.

• System security: The integrated and secure software and hardware that are the platform for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
• Encryption and data protection: The architecture and design that protect user data if the device is lost or stolen, or if an unauthorized person attempts to use or modify it.
• App security: The systems that enable apps to run securely and without compromising platform integrity.
• Network security: Industry-standard networking protocols that provide secure
authentication and encryption of data in transmission.
• Internet services:
Apple’s network-based infrastructure for messaging, syncing, and backup.
• Device controls:
Methods that prevent unauthorized use of the device and enable it to be remotely wiped if lost or stolen. 

You can download the paper from the link below...

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