iWatch to Require iPhone Connectivity for Its Full Functionality?

iWatch to Require iPhone Connectivity for Its Full Functionality?
The iWatch will be a peripheral device, not a primary one, requiring an iPhone connection for its full functionality, according to a MobiHealthNews report.

Citing 'sources — who have limited but direct knowledge of Apple’s plans for the iWatch and Healthbook', the site says that while Apple's rumored device will not be a smartphone on your wrist.

Since reports have emerged that Apple has hired engineers and sensors who have previously worked at passive glucose sensor companies and ingestible sensor companies, it’s no surprise that some are expecting advanced sensors in the iWatch. A source tells us that the team Apple has assembled is intended to ensure that the health sensing capabilities of the device are efficacious. Some fitness tracking devices available today primarily give users feedback in the form of an arbitrary points system — like Nike Fuel. Apple will likely not do this, but instead focus on real metrics like calories. Having a team with such advanced pedigrees will help ensure Apple’s device is accurate. Don’t expect glucose sensing though.

MobiHealthNews confirms that recent reports of a 'Healthbook' app are conceptually correct; however, as expected, the name might differ at launch. The app is said to focus on exercise, diet, sleep, stress, medication adherence. There may also be some health and pregnancy tracking features for women. 

Apparently, Apple is also looking to integrate with some third party FDA-cleared devices. So long as the app only displays data instead of analyzing it, the watch wouldn't need to be cleared as a medical device.

More details in the full report linked below...

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