iPhone 6 Prototype Leaked? [Photos]

iPhone 6 Prototype Leaked? [Photos]
Photos have leaked of what is allegedly an iPhone 6 prototype. 

The images were first posted to Twitter by @mornray886. Sonny Dickson, ‏who has a track record of authentic leaks, has also been posting photos online. Apparently they were first leaked by someone in China who claimed that they show the 'iPhone 6'.

The device clearly has a larger display, a thinner profile, and a curved edge design more similar to the iPad. Current rumors have Apple releasing the iPhone 6 in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch configurations. MacRumors was able to estimate the width of the display at 2.6 inches compared to the iPhone 5s display which is 2.31-inches wide.

Although impossible to tell from these photos, the iPhone 6 is also rumored to feature a sapphire glass display. The stronger glass may compensate for its lighter frame and 'bezel-free' display.

While we can't confirm the validity of these images, they are in line with what's expected of Apple for the iPhone 6.

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