Possible Display Sizes for Apple's Next Generation iPhone, iWatch, iPad [Chart]

Possible Display Sizes for Apple's Next Generation iPhone, iWatch, iPad [Chart]
DisplaySearch has posted what they believe may be the display sizes for the iPhone 6, iWatch, and new iPad. At CES 2014, the firm saw several new display sizes, resolutions, and features which indicate potential industry directions.

The tables below list the new display models we may see in 2014. Of course, not all of the panels listed here will go into mass production, as panel maker strategies can change. But there will be other new models not included here. With so many new panel models launched in 2014, it will be a year for display innovation. 

The iPhone 6 is marked as possibly coming in a 4.7-inch 1600x900 version and a 5.5-inch 1920x1080 version. Notably, Reuters has reported that Apple is looking at introducing a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone.

For the rumored iWatch, DisplaySearch suggests that Apple could release the device with a 1.3-inch or 1.6-inch 320x320 display. That would be a pixel density of either 348 or 278. Previously, DisplaySearch said that Apple is working on two versions of a smartwatch, a 1.7-inch model for men and a 1.3-inch model for women.

Finally, a new 12.9-inch iPad would potentially feature a 2732x2048 display. Interestingly, the KoreaTimes says that displays for a 12.9-inch iPad are already in production.

Do you think these display sizes are optimal for Apple's future devices? Let us know in the comments!

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