New iWatch Concept Features Nike Fuelband Form Factor, iOS 7 Design Elements [Video]

New iWatch Concept Features Nike Fuelband Form Factor, iOS 7 Design Elements [Video]
Check out this new iWatch concept from Todd Hamilton that features a Nike Fuelband form factor and UI elements from iOS 7. The idea came from another mockup by Thomas Bogner but Hamilton wanted to improve the user interface.

I had some free time over the holidays so I decided to take a stab at the problem and create a more user friendly concept. I wanted to retain a slim form factor like the Fuelband and incorporate familiar UI components from iOS 7. It needed to feel natural on the wrist and look like something Apple would actually produce.

Hamilton kept a simple curved touchscreen display and placed a single button on the left to act as the home button. There are two more buttons on the right side for volume. The lock screen consists of a simple black and white interface that shows the time, date, and a button to activate Siri. Actions include tap to use Siri, swipe up to unlock or pull down for notifications.

The Springboard consists of four apps that are stacked vertically. Swiping up or down moves through pages. To replicate the functionality of tabs, Hamilton came up with a simple drop down control in the title bar. Tapping this shows a popover menu with the other pages available.

Hamilton also designed interfaces for making a call and a health & fitness application. Check out the photos and video below or hit the link for more details.

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