MuscleNerd Warns Jailbreakers to Stay Away From iOS 7.0.5

MuscleNerd has warned jailbreakers to stay away from the recently released iOS 7.0.5 firmware update.

If you're in China then you're probably not reading this tweet. But in case you are, avoid today's China-only 7.0.5 iOS update for 5s/5c. it likely doesn't fix evasion, but it could still get in the way of a fresh evasi0n install. Not much visibility into it yet

Thanks for all clarification tweets! You'll see 7.0.5 everywhere outside of USA (for now). When iTunes asks, "Just say no" :) If USA never sees 7.0.5 for 5s/5c, we'll see IPSW signing with split personalities (or maybe both 7.0.4 and 5 will be signed), Just say no!

Oops and there we go, USA sees it now too. My gut feeling is this doesn't actually fix evasi0n, but please stay away for now.


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