iPhone 'Phablet' to Debut in May, iPhone 6 in September?

iPhone 'Phablet' to Debut in May, iPhone 6 in September?
A new report that surfaced today claims that Apple is actually planning to debut the iPhone 'Phablet' (a mix between a tablet and a phone) in May of this year. This rumored device will not be a part of the iPhone 6 family however, which as we expect, will launch in September.

The iPhone Phablet will reportedly feature a 5-inch or larger display a new 20 nanometer processor made by TSMC that either going to be a new A8 processor, or a revamped A7 CPU (A7X?).

Another report claims that the price of the iPhone 5s will drop $100 for "reasons unknown" -- however a phablet launch in May would explain any drop in the 5s. 

As with most rumors, we have no way to assess the validity -- either way, 2014 should be an exciting year for Apple and the iPhone.

Would you consider buying an iPhone 'phablet' or stick with the traditional iPhone family?

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