ColorFlow and Colorize Tweaks Bring Color to the iOS 7 Music App

ColorFlow and Colorize are two separate new tweaks that bring color to the music app in iOS 7. The tweaks sample the album artwork's colors and then apply those colors to the music app's volume slider, track title, back button and more.

Colorize your Music app! ColorFlow will modify the design of the Music app based on the current artwork. Yes, it does support the iPhone 5S!

A tweak that adapts your Music app's GUI to the current song's album art. Option to disable/enable is available in the Settings application.

ColorFlow changes the color of the UI on the screen and it does seem to 'pop' more than Colorize, which changes the background color. We should mention that Colorize is compatible with BlurredMusicApp while ColorFlow is not. You can combine either ColorFlow and Colorize with Spectral, the tweak that blurs the colors on the lockscreen for the ultimate experience. 

ColorFlow is available for $1.99 in the BigBoss Repo. Colorize is $1 cheaper at $.99, and is also available on the BigBoss Repo. 

Check out the screenshots below of each tweak. We have ColorFlow first, and then Colorize underneath


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