Apple's Rumored iWatch Hitting Many Obstacles

Apple's Rumored iWatch Hitting Many Obstacles
Apple's iWatch is facing issues along its development, a new report from The Information claims. As with most products, we expect issues and obstacles to come up, and most likely Apple will find solutions to these issues before its rumored 2014 release.

Apple is reportedly facing challenges with the screen technology, battery problems, and possible manufacturing bumps. The report claims that:

● Apple still has not settled on a screen technology. Since it is facing battery issues, it is having a difficult time deciding what technologies to use to get the best battery from the watch.

● Apple reportedly "halted advanced prototyping of some unknown pieces with one manufacturer late last year" however this might not mean much since Apple usually shifts manufacturers from time to time. It could also be related to the finishing treatment issues that the iWatch reportedly was facing.

● Bryan James, who worked for Apple and on the iWatch has left the company to work at Nest. This has stirred up the development process for the iWatch.

2014 is shaping up to be the year of wearable technology, and hopefully we get to see Apple's rumored iWatch sometime this year, despite delays.

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