iOS vs Android Fragmentation [Graph]

iOS vs Android Fragmentation [Graph]
Android has often been criticized for its "fragmentation." and it has been an issue for the mobile OS ever since its release. The chart below shows the problem developers face -- the multiple version of Android OS are splintered into incompatible fragments. An application that runs on one hardware/software combination will not necessarily run on another.

The charts below shows the different OS versions of both Android and iOS. Android's chart covers the distribution up until November (does not include KitKat -- which is only found on 1.1% of devices). The iOS chart shows 96% of users running either iOS 6 (22%) or iOS 7 (74%).

Apple offers just three phones and four tablets on the market today while there are currently hundreds of other Android phones and tablets -- making it much easier for developers to push out Applications and updates on iOS devices.

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