Beautiful Curved Apple Television Concept With New UI [Images]

Beautiful Curved Apple Television Concept With New UI [Images]

Martin Hajek has teamed up with user interface designer Andrew Ambrosino to create an improved Apple TV concept.

Hajek had previously posted a 3D design for an Apple television and Ambrosino had posted a UI design on top of a Samsung television.

When I stumbled upon Andrew Ambrosino’s cool Apple TV UI concept my first thought was how cool it would be to combine it with my own Apple TV design. As I am in no way a graphic designer and even less so an User Interaction designer I figured this would be a win-win situation. Luckily Andrew agreed :-)

Taking iOS7 to the big screen is not a simple matter of scaling up iOS – I like the way this concept UI makes use of simple elements of iOS7 yet manages to make it look good on a huge 46″ ‘canvas’.

Check out the images below. You can purchase the 3d model here or check out more interface details here.

Don't forget to let us know what you think of the concept. Would you want to see a curved Apple Television?

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