Apple TV UI Concept Takes Cues From iOS 7 [Images]

Apple TV UI Concept Takes Cues From iOS 7 [Images]
Andrew Ambrosino, the designer who recently posted an iOS 7 update of OS X concept, has published his ideas for an Apple TV UI.

Here’s a concept I’ve been working on for an Apple TV User Interface. And yes I know, it’s a Samsung TV so it can’t be a “real” Apple TV / iTV concept– but unfortunately I just lack the skill for hardware.

So here it is in all its glory– taking cues from the new iOS while offering a market of third party apps, video chat, Siri, etc. Let me know what you think!

Check out the interface below and let us know what you think in the comments. Please follow iClarified onTwitterFacebookGoogle+, or RSS for more Apple news and tutorials.

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