Apple Improves Siri's Accuracy, Reduces Reliance on Google

Apple Improves Siri's Accuracy, Reduces Reliance on Google

Apple has been working to improve the accuracy of Siri and reduce its reliance on Google Search, according to a report from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, relayed by MacRumors.

Munster recently issued his latest report card on Siri saying:

The primary improvement between Siri in iOS 6 and iOS 7 came from its performance in noisier areas, where Siri was able to translate better through a noisy environment (94% vs. 83% correct in Aug iOS 6). Based on our testing, iOS 7 Siri's net ability to answer questions (factors in questions not correctly understood) improved to 79% from 77% in August with iOS 6.

Notably, in Munster's December 2012 tests, 27% of Siri's answers relied on Google; however, that dropped to just 17% in August and just 4% in December 2013. Apple has shifted answers to emphasize Bing, Wikipedia, and WolframAlpha results.

Finally, when comparing Siri to Google Now, both services received a "C+" score. Google Now has a slight lead in commerce and information and Siri performed better for operating system controls.

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